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On our website you can find photos of 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house plans , which will help make your personal space cozy, comfortable and beautiful. See them for every taste and for every budget. We are confident that you will find something for you! Beautiful interiors will help you draw your own unique images.

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Interior design

There are different approaches to interior design. This holds true whether you are decorating for a guest house,home with basement or three bed room houses. To have a calming effect, it is best to paint the walls in neutral tones with some splashes of color in the room. The reason for this is so that it doesn’t look too busy. Color can be introduced to each room in the home through rugs, pillows, paintings and the like. Stick to a specific style. Example being, if want a modern feel, choose furniture and paintings reflecting this and not a mix mosh of design. Don’t have a nice leather couch with grand pa’s old chair next to it! The same holds true with paintings. Don’t have Calder and then Monet. Bear in mind when choosing furniture, if realistic to your life style. If have pets and kids, a leather couch is not a good option, nor white area rugs and furniture!

3 bedroom 2 bathroom house plans
It is best that there be a color 3 bedroom houses scheme kept in mind in the main areas, being the kitchen and living room. An example of this is the ceiling can be white and the walls a light tan. Next the area rug place on wooden floors can have brown, tan and green in it. The pillows too can have these colors but in different textures and designs. The drapes are best a pastel green so blend. When you come in the home, it is like a painting. You have one focal point and the back round blends.
As walk through home, different things can catch the eye but should not be overwhelming. The place should be neat, uncluttered and clean. This includes smelling nice and fresh. This can be achieved by putting items in closets and in drawers, opening windows. Embrace the minimalist approach. If have children, toys go back in bins. Less is more. Other rooms like the bedrooms and bathrooms you can choose pastel colors and again a print rug on wood floor, pastel curtains, in different shades such as pink or light blue.


Hardwood floors

Wood floors guest house plans are a wise choice with throw and area rugs to create warmth. They make room appear larger as are open, as does adding mirrors. A kitchen flowing into the living room is a good choice to achieve the open space effect with a door in the front and another leading to back yard. In back yard you can have a cobble stone patio with iron chairs and a garden with a fountain as a private oasis. One can create privacy with high shrubs around and a tree or two for shade.
This choice is more for a single person or couple without children. If have a family, maybe a pool is in the back or a swing set is better. Flowers can be placed along walk way in front of home and keep lawn mowed and put in nice shrubs for welcoming feel. Garage and basement should be organized. This can be achieved by using steel stands to put items on an off the floor. In garage, rakes, shovels, etc. can be hung. A wood table can be used for repairs (3 bedroom 2 bathroom house plans).

3 bedroom 2 bathroom house plans

The basement rooms

In the basement can be an area for storage, with more in the attic. Part of basement would be for furnace and maybe washer and dryer. Other part can be a game/entertainment room with ping pong and entertainment tables where family can gather. Also a tv and couch can be there where your teen can have some privacy with friends. The minimalist, light and airy feel is best in a guest home.
Minimalism is a good rule of thumb for a home with a garage or a three bed room home as well. In the latter two, it is important that every family member chips in to keep the place looking well. Changes will occur to home as the children grow up and head to college and then get apartments of own. Then the swing set is then replaced with the cobble stone garden, again.


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