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How to Improve Your Basement Floor

Usually, a basement is the least attractive place in the house. This is because here is accepted to store unnecessary things, old furniture, tools, jars with pickles, garden tools, and other utensils. The result of such “storage” is chaos, accompanied by a lot of inconveniences. But everything can be different with new basement design ideas! Basement design in a private house can easily be converted into an inhabited family area.

Here are a few great basement design ideas

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Billiard room. This idea will definitely love the strong half of humanity. And woman would like to have a lounge area in the house. When designing a room it is recommended to pay special attention to lighting. Above the billiard table is necessary to place a uniform ceiling lights; in the rest of space of basement can be dispensed spotlights. In addition to the pool table lounge area is often equipped with a seating area, a small table and bar. It creates a comfortable environment for get-togethers.

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Gym. The ground floor is a great place for sports. Instead of a single simulator, usually hiding in a corner or in a closet, here is possible to establish a full range of exercise equipment. Your basement should have solid flooring and walls with noise insulation material. Thus, the noise from the operation of sport equipment will not interfere with the rest in the main part of the house. One of the walls is desirable to have a large mirror.

Children’s World. Parents often forbid children to run and play outdoor games in the living room. But active children need to have space for games! Why not transform the interior of the house basement in the children’s area? Here, a child can play, do sports or frolic with friends, not being afraid to interfere with an adult. This basement design idea is ideal for childern.

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Utility room. Such appliances like water heaters and boilers rarely fit into the general concept of premises. So, why not make these devices together with all utilities in the basement? Here you will always have a free access to them. And you will not worry about their compatibility with the surrounding environment.

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