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Organizing your Bathroom the Smart and Efficient Way

Need some bathroom closet shelving ideas? Every home has bathrooms filled with supplies and toiletries that need to go somewhere – namely, the bathroom closet. While it may be tempting tojust throw everything in haphazardly, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief later on if you organize your provisions with a well thought out shelving system. With that in mind, check out these bathroom closet shelving ideas.


If you’re low on space, stick with the basics: a simple series of shelves stacked vertically will allow you to efficiently store towels, toilet paper, and any other spare toiletries you might need.

If you have more room available, you might consider arranging your shelves both horizontally and vertically, turning them in to “cubby” spaces. Not only does this allow you to store more things, but it gives you much greater flexibility when arranging for different sized cubbyholes.

Speaking of which: Be mindful that most modern shelving systems will provide some sort of mechanism for adjusting the exact heights of your shelves. Don’t let this simple-yet—valuable feature go to waste!


Hopefully, these basic bathroom closet shelving ideas will allow you to make more effective use of your bathroom’s main storage space.

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