Bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms: Ideas, Design, Decorating

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Tiles are probably the most commonly used wall material in most bathrooms. Bathroom wall tiles ideas for small bathrooms assist the property owner to achieve rich artistic designs, colored or themed finishes or stylistic effects in the bathrooms.


Additionally, it allows the homeowner to add aesthetic value to the room which effectively attains a relaxing ambiance. Moreover, in achieving ancient looks or modern touch in a small bathroom the following bathroom wall tiles ideas for small bathrooms will prove inspirational.

Graphic tile wall Small bathrooms would be appealing by using a mix of unique graphic touches. Different colored tiles accessorized by alternating bands of watery blue or green tiles would produce a seamless modern graphic tile wall patterns.


Different tile shapes With small bathrooms, one needs to get creative. It is necessary to get creative by using wall tiles with different tile shapes. Moreover, the varying tile shapes need to be complemented in a combination of colors with the preference of dry and wet areas applied. Additionally, the tile shapes can be used to create a sense of infinite space.

Keep the Floor and Walls similarTilIing small bathroom may prove troublesome as they provide details that can make or break space. Where the tile starts or ends should be considered hence making bathroom walls and floors uniform assists achieve a perfect stylish mosaic finish.

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