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In this specific article we’ll be delving specifically into bedroom ideas for two twin beds. Two twin beds are convenient for guests especially those who are not couples. This idea saves room space and is still elegant and comfortable. It basically involves having two beds in a well-furnished room. Furthermore, it brings in a principle of design, symmetry which may be adjusted to fit your guests’ desire.


Bedroom ideas on two twin beds are vast and the limit to their designs is infinitely determined by your imagination. In a nutshell, there are several factors to consider when you plan to pull off this idea; the theme color of the bedroom, the size of your beds or room space, the targeted guests to be accommodated, the order of arrangement of the beds (either symmetrical or asymmetrical), lighting and other bedroom decorations.

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Color themes are important in determination of the mood of the targeted guests. Brighter casual colors and fun themes can be used for children’s twin bedroom designs which are further subdivided by the gender. Young girls will be more responsive to bright pink colors while boys will prefer bright blue colors. A more or less casual decoration targeting young adults during in their can be used. In addition, a mix of exiting but simple color patterns can be used. For adults, more official color themes and fewer patterns should be incorporated to bring a relaxed mood. These colors could be grey and creamy white but still limitless depending on the guests‘ desire.

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Symmetry is an aspect that should be kept into consideration. Parallel beds signify formality and simplicity especially among young adults and adults. For your children, the beds arrangements could be shifted to right-angles or any that satisfies them. This should however be done keeping the best interest of the children at heart and to create more room space well. Right-angled arranged beds fitted in the corner save a lot of room space. In addition, decorations could be added like wall pictures depicting the essence of nature or simply just colored carpets. Lighting is also important, bright lighting and brightly colored walls add the theme of joy to children’s’ bedrooms. While in adults, less bright lighting is preferred to enhance the mood of relaxation.

In conclusion, you can seek the advice of an expert in home remodeling and decoration to expand your ideas in twin bed bedroom designs. Thank you!

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