Best colors to paint a living room: Ideas, Design, Decorating

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Giving your living room the absolute best colors.

Choosing a color for your living room is simple. While color is very much a subjective thing, this is the room you share with your entire household. It needs to be open, inviting, and relaxing. The best colors to paint a living room are whites. This is due to the fact that white creates the most space and there is a plethora of choices with regard to tone. Within the white palette, you will find warm and cool tones and this will also create the atmosphere you are after.


The benefits of white are simple, it is a neutral and great base to then decorate with furnishings, such as cushions, curtains, and rugs. Blue and green have been shown to be cool, relaxing colors, while yellow, orange, and red are energizing and warm. White makes your space appear bigger, highlights any window views, and gives your room a crisp and clean feel.


The best colors to paint a living room are those that make you feel at home. Whites work in living rooms because they make the room look large, open, and neutral. Handy Tip: To avoid looking sterile, mix white walls, with wooden and metallic features. White is one of the best colors to paint a living room because it provides a blank canvas for you to then add your signature touches with decor and furniture. Whites are so versatile and allow you to add splashes of color or stick to neutral tones. Everything works with white.

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