Best girl rooms have one thing in common— they are simply immaculate. They are expertly designed, their interiors beautifully decorated and furniture perfectly arranged to meet decor and elegance.

The above girl room with a pink theme is a seamless example of nice—looking girl room. As shown, it is a fairly-sized room with a center bed, and some mild decorations, what makes it an ideal room for girls of all ages. The pink bedding and curtains, but green -painted walls make this room flexible for any theme color, which is something many girls want- a change of theme color.

But for girls who are faithful to one theme color, the below example with a purple theme color could be a perfect one. The focus for this room is the study area, which consists of a mini library, a desk and a chair and matching sofa for relaxation moments. This room, with its well-balanced colors, can ensure that girls still in their studying ages get the right atmosphere for some serious studies.

best girl room can also blend different colors to meet different tastes and preferences. More to that, it can bring the natural outdoor ambiance into the room by strategically placing attractive flora in the room. The example below with a mixture of pink, chocolate brown, and green colors displays a likable design for a girl room. Additionally, it shows a careful arrangement of beds for multiple roommates.