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Best living room paint color

How to choose the best paint color for living room

While it may be easy to pick your favorite color, it’s not as easy to get perfect color accents for your living room. Why? The colors are quite pretentious and if you combine them without knowing a few rules of composition, you can get an effect that is not visually pleasant. So, how do you choose the best paint color for living room?

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Since the living room is where we spend most of our times and relax with friends and family, it should definitely be our top priority to decorate it well. In order to choose the best paint color for living room you must do a little research beforehand. If you choose to use the warm, pale colors (beige, light yellow, orange) for wall painting, then you will get a visual effect of room enlargement. Instead, the cool colors (purple, blue, green and derived shades) have a reversed effect: they make the interior to appear smaller. This can be useful when it comes to very large living rooms. Therefore, you must take into account more combinations and color preferences in order to decide on the best paint color for living room.

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Examples of living room paint colors:

Yellow walls with blue accents

Yellow is one of the lightest colors. The combination with blue is a good choice, especially if you choose pastel shades to avoid creating a strong contrast.

Red walls with white accents

The red color is one of the most intense colors and is associated with love, fire, passion. The red can not be assorted in any color, it is a very coarse and strong color. One of the most successful combinations is with white accents. Choose the lighter shades for a lower impact and a strong visual effect.

Yellow walls with purple accents

For a stylish and more elegant interior design you can use complementary colors. If you look at the color palette above, you will notice that the yellow and violet are diametrically opposed, but the visual effect is highly pleasant.

Orange walls with green accents

The orange color is one that creates warmth, welcoming and friendly decoration, especially if it is assorted and decorated with attention to detail. The complementary color for the orange is blue, as shown in the color palette. If you do not have such a strong contrast, suggest using an open green lime or yellow as it will bring a cool, but interesting note to the decor

Pink walls with green accents

Pink is a delicate and elegant color that looks good in the decor of a room. The pink – green combination is a combination that creates an optimistic and jovial atmosphere but also sophisticated, even if the two colors are completely opposed to the color palette.

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Choose one of these combinations and you will definitely obtain the best and most pleasant color mix for your living room.

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