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Nothing transforms a room like its color

Choosing paint colors for your bathroom can become challenging while you may feel overwhelmed with so many color choices so that you don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with some color concepts that will help you in choosing the best paint colors for bathroom.

Let’s Look at the psychology of colors. Warm colors tones: Reds, oranges and yellow are energetic playful and full of action. They convey strength and passion they add energetic mood to the bathroom. Red is passionate, orange is a conversational color which is a good fit for the kitchen and dining area. Yellow is cheerful. Cool color tones inspire relaxation meditation they include —Blue, green violet, and indigo. These colors are typically the best colors for your bathroom Green is the color of nature its a calming cool color good for bedrooms and bathrooms.


Blue the color of the ocean makes everything appear bright and refreshing purple is more spiritual. It’s perfect for your bathroom it makes the bathroom have a spa-like effect combined with gray undertones it gives a refreshing look which pairs up with everything. Most tints and shades of blue are viewed as the best paint color for your bathroom

Neutral color- if you don’t want to paint adventurous colors paint neutral or lighter shades-white, gray or brown. Warm colors fit well in colder surroundings, a north orientation of your bathroom calls for a warm color whereas a south orientation fits a cool neutral color. Neutral cool color tend to favor calm and most people are neutral of this colors, Bathrooms used by many people should try and meet all people preferences.

Most bathrooms lack proper natural lighting. Consider the lighting of your bathroom if it’s naturally lit considers a deeper rich color like gray. If it gets little lighting like most bathrooms consider a cool color like blue. The incandescent artificial lighting gives a warmer glow. Sunlight and fluorescent bulbs give a whiter light. If not carefully evaluated safe and neutral warm gray colors that appear safe can go peach under the bathroom artificial lighting.


Always paint the ceiling with a lighter color this generally makes a room appear larger. If unsure where to start the best you can do is start with the flooring, then choose wall colors that compliment the bathroom this will pull the room together and enhance the undertones.

Black doesn’t offer the relaxing effect, but when thoughtfully combined with traditional white subway tiles it gives an edge

Consider choosing colors that will complement the curtain or furniture. Never assume the color you see at a place will look exactly in your walls. Consider all architecture details. Test the paint before painting the whole room. Check the most popular colors with designers and architects. These colors will mostly fit in artificial lighting. Remember it’s your home. Always consider your favorite color.

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