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Black white and teal bedroom

Black, white and teal: a timeless color scheme

Getting the perfect color scheme for your bedroom might seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be as onerous as you might think. When it comes to bedroom design, it’s easy to over-complicate matters. This is a trap that you need to avoid falling into, though, and we think we can help. Keep things simple and straightforward, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the end results.


Black, white and teal bedroom is a classic, timeless scheme that produces an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. We advise you to use your colors consistently — you might wish to place black furnishings lower in the room, and make the most of the natural light by using white pieces in higher positions. Walls opposite windows should always be lightly colored, but a black feature wall behind your bedhead is a simple but effective way of giving your bedroom a crisp, clean look.


Complement your bold black and white features with subtle touches of teal to give your bedroom a well-rounded finish. Teal throws, cushions, lamp shades and curtains are all affordable, stylish options for springing a bit of life into the bedroom. You might even consider building on the color scheme using leafy potted plants.

This is a color scheme that strips life back to its basics. Black and white, to represent the beauty of simplicity, and teal to serve as a reminder of the world outside. It’s a wonderful, all-encompassing scheme that is really easy to achieve and makes the most of the natural light.

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