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An Overlooked Interior Design Element: Rugs

Are you seeking to elevate the design of your living space? One of the most overlooked designed elements in home decor are rugs. When switching your style or simply adding a fresh touch to a room, consider adding cool living room rugs to your home space. A rug can easily improve the aesthetic of your home. Whether your style is minimalist modern, Southwestern-inspired, or traditional, there is a rug out there to fit your needs.

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A rug can be a focal point to a room and can serve to compliment the color palette of your artwork. In selecting cool living room rugs there are many options for all design aesthetics and all budgets. A rug can come in many materials, woven fibers, wool, fur, or hybrids, and adds a more sophisticated element to a room. Rugs also highlight, as opposed to detract from, floors.

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Placing a rug in the right color scheme atop hardwood or tiled floors can heighten the contrast between the two and give the room a more refined touch. You can choose to add multiple rugs in complimenting colors to a room to created a layered and lush look. Rugs add a touch of warmth and personality to a room.

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As most rugs are available in multiple sizes it is possible to invest in an accent rug to test out whether a certain color, texture, and pattern is right for you before purchasing a larger size. Choosing the right rug can easily add a more personalized touch to your interior space as well, with a myriad of options for colors, designs, and textures a rug can differentiate your style and place a stamp on a room that makes it wholly your own. Cool living room rugs can truly tie together your furniture and artwork in a way that anchors the room and makes a house feel like a home.

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