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How To Decorate Your Living room in Cottage Style

Whenever we talk about the cottage a sense of comfort comes to our mind that’s why today many people want their living room to be decorated in a cottage style. So here I am giving you some cottage style living room decorating ideas which looks and feel so comfy and beautiful.

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Cosy Sofa and Antiques. Make your sofa more cozy by adding more pillows which makes you more comfortable and easy, do some mix and match with your sofa colour and wooden floor. Use some antique lights in your living room or you can make lampshades by using yarn or cardboard at home by yourself to give a more natural and simplistic look.

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Use Space Wisely. To make your living room look more spacious you need to choose the perfect paint colors for ceiling and wall. You can use white colour for that and if you don’t like white try to use lighter shades which gives a more elegant look to your living room. Also use whites in your windows and doors.

Fireplace. What would be more costly and pleasing to see, than a fireplace in your living room. If you already have it in your room you can decorate it by putting some family frames over it. So the warm lighting always shines over your loved ones.

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Vintage is Best. Whatever old things you found in your home, which kind of giving a vintage look, just brush it, reuse it and make it appear in your living room. Make a vintage flower pot by reusing things, Also hang wind chimes so that there pleasant music gives you relaxation.

Don’t hesitate to do more experiments in your living room, more you give the touch of yourself, the more it looks better. Decorate your living room with the things that defines your peace and relaxation.

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