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Recreate the chic French style in your dining room

There is something enchanting about the French country dining design. Envisage sitting at your large oak table, a glass of chardonnay in your hand; the waft of snails and garlic butter floating in from the kitchen, a basket of soft baked bread on the plate.

There is no better style to follow than the romantic style of the French. Adding a sense of old —world, country and European elegance to your dining room, mixed with the new and inviting styles of Paris. It surely is a winner both for elegant and country homes alike.

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For those looking for a more rustic chateau design, try shopping at antique shops and local flea markets for furniture. Even outside of the European continent there are many artisan stores where you can purchase a wooden sleeper coffee table, or a large oak dining table from the south of France; or in fact just unique French fabric. Fabric such as toile is a timeless print that is common in so many original French country dining rooms. These delicate accents and attractive fringes add an instant class to any room.

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However, the French dining style is not always rustic in appearance. Stepping into the dining room, curved archways and soft hues walls, such as cream or white walls, should be the first impression. There can always be a touch of variation in wall paint colour such as light green, or soft auburn, yet remember to keep it subtle. Allowing the chairs to be slightly different from the colour of the walls, maybe a faded white patterned fabric allows for a more chic look. Exquisite and upmarket fabric throws and covers such as lace drapery and provincial patterns are all popular choices to cover the overly large French style oak dining table.

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Noteworthy materials and additional furniture such as unique wooden cabinets all add a authenticity to the French country dining design. A few Parisian cafe lights on the soft wooden corner tables, as well as the traditional French navy curtains will finish off the room with a memorable twist.

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