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Have you looked at your house and wondered why it doesn’t feel all that homey anymore? It is time to redecorate the place, and I know just the right style to get inspired from! YES, English country style decorating is all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. Below, are 4 reasons why you need to decorate your house English country decorating style.

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It is a Timeless Classic.

Every so often we are greeted with a glimpse of brilliance, a thing of beauty if you may! lt’s responsible for leaving the observer mesmerized, wanting more. Such a style is English country style of decorating your house. It features traditionally styled furniture, victorian style, which exudes class and royalty yet humbling at the same time.

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Functionality over Flair.

The beauty of English country style decorating lies in the details. A major advantage is the inclusion of functionality throughout the house. The use of display racks and built-in bookshelves is the perfect example of it, as it captures the royal essence while beautifully displaying that prized possession of yours along with a worthy selection of your books. As if this wasn’t enough, china cabinets are used to safely store your tea sets or expensive china, for a little show-off or maybe just closed doors – your choice!

Inspired by Nature.

English Country decorating style emphasizes on coziness and your relationship with nature. The colours abound, with the hues reflecting the nature as the pink and yellow from the flowers and the greens from the awe-inspiring hills. Floral patterns on chintz or damasks is a common element, inspiring a cozy and warm environment in the home.

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Designed to suit your needs.

English country decorating style, being a unique blend of functionality, timelessness and natural inspiration, provides something that is unique- It Is designed to suit YOUR needs. The decor can be formal or casual. It can be vibrant or muted.lt can be busy but not overwhelming. It Can have a palette of 3 to 4 colors to make the room cozy. From upholstered sofas to table skirts. English country decorating style can be tailored for your needs, and that is the real beauty of this classic.

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