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Ideas and imaginations are powers in making human life exciting and wonderful. Interior designing symbolises a true essence of keeping art and living together. A simple and innovative design in home puts a visitor’s attention. Every living room needs a focal point for admirers and fireplace is one of the best places to design. For a stylish fireplace, one needs innovative makeover ideas or a simple style statement which decorate mantel designs to suit the needs of a cosy room.

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Fireplace screens give an impression of the room, which showcase design made with stone, brick, even marbles and glasses to the latest collection. Mantel decor ideas and inspiration can turn a whole fireplace into a design element. A mantel is not just a shelf, but it could turn the whole room into different facets filled with trendy and creative display. Designs and dress up fireplace mantels ideas for perfect occasion or seasons gives a beautiful addition to any home.

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Fireplaces range

Fireplaces range from being traditional to the modern futuristic makeover. Wood fireplace mantels , gas-fired electric and alcohol fireplaces are different and unigue in each with wood burning being a classic choice that symbolises the cosiest and most sensory fireplace experience. Gas fired provides clean burning and high efficiency and cheaper than solid fuels. Electric fireplaces require less space to install making it cheap to maintain and mainly be used for decorative purposes. They are less expensive to gas and wood fireplaces and ecologically good. The fireplaces do play a similar role with that of the gas fired as its benefit of being the cleanest burning fuels available. Overall cost comparisons also gives developments in the electric and gas fireplaces being more applicable than wood burning fireplaces.

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Fireplace accessories were being replaced by TVs as centre point in home but now various designs of fireplace gives interior home design a statement to beautify and give a great decorative value. Every home nowadays demands mantels as accessory and decorative element in fireplace design and the overall appearance of the room.


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