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French provincial dining room chairs and their place in your home

French provincial dining room chairs have an extensive history in interior design, and therefore, one has a large range of styles and aesthetics to chose from, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

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Early french provincial dining room sets often included woven backs, which is still a popular design. The woven details were included as a symbol of the original way by which chairs were made in the French countryside. Furniture makers made use of the materials found around them, which, in the provincial areas were often dry grasses and such. The woven style makes for a relaxed feel in the modern kitchen. The style also requires a small amount of upkeep to maintain the woven backs, as they tend to fray over time. However, this style remains one of the most popular of it’s time and it’s authentically French nature really lifts a room.

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In a design contrasting with the woven backed chairs, the wooden backed sets are also very popular. Often designed with intricate carvings, of wheat or grapevines for example, the attention is drawn to the expert woodwork on these these types of french provincial dining room chairs. The way the wood is shaped across the back is fluid and elegant; this is why these chairs are often the centre pieces of a room. It is usual with this style of chair to see an upholstered seat. This harks back to the original use of this design as the preferred furniture of the french nobility, for whom style and comfort was of increased importance.

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French provincial dining room chairs are often painted white, which is a very flattering colour for any kitchen as it opens up the space. This style also remains true to how it was first intended to look.

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