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Choosing the perfect room paint color is not an easy task . Many of you might have known that cosy room color is important for getting a perfect sleep .According to multiple studies , colors can greatly affect our mood swing and even to the extent of psychology health .

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So What is the great room paint color?

It differs from person to person , and everyone has their own comfort level with color . But we safely said that to attained the best result , you will need cozy room color . Color that can give you relaxing sensation .

For a good night sleep , darker colors tone seems to work best in bedroom such as brown and purple . On the other hand , colors that shines through or can be associated with the term “too bright” might gives the opposite effect .

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Our tips for choosing the perfect room paint color , can be done with simple add and minus steps . What you need to do is list out all of your favorite colors and divide into two categories . One section for bright tone , another section for darker tone . If most of your favorite colors falls into the bright tone category , simply find an alternative for example “cyber pink” can be replace with “cerise pink” or even “coral pink” .

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Simply said , cosy room color are your best choice when it comes to finding the perfect ambience in the bedroom . The perfect combinations are color that gives your eye an illusions of comfort and the ambience atmosphere meant for bedroom .

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