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When choosing a color scheme for your house, you’re bound to make a statement with a grey and purple room. Purple is the color of the royals, and along with being proud and regal, it can also be soft and sweet, thus creating a soothing and comforting atmosphere. With a variety of shades ranging from bright and vibrant violet to pale lavender, you can pair up this mystical hue with a bunch of other shades, and it will look especially good with the color grey.


Along with being very modern and chic, grey as a color choice is neutral and versatile, thereby perfectly fitting in with purple. Grey makes bright shades stand out and helps pale colors seamlessly blend into the background.


A grey and purple room, depending on the shade of purple used can be soft and subtle, or it can be bright and lively. Rest assured, a grey and purple room will have an air of sophistication and elegance and will provide an overall ambiance of calm and serenity.

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