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New trends bedrooms

Grey Schemed Bedrooms are the New Trends. Who says grey is dull lacks imagination and creativity. Grey is actually one of the main colors rising in the fashion and interior industry. Not only the sleek color adds style, it also adds luxurious feel to everything it touches.

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Best bedroom colors

This is the reason why grey bedding are rising on the trending interior designs in this year. The combination to make grey look great and not the usual dull trademark it has are the following: сhocolate, teal, and grey.
Darker colors doesn’t necessarily mean making the space of the room look smaller. It actually creates an ambiance of sensuality. Dark grey bedding are a great way to start to add that extra spice for the bedroom, especially for married couples. For grey bedding ideas, please take a look at Pinterest.

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This color (grey, purple, and cream)scheme creates a luxurious look fit for a princess and a queen. Purple being known as the hue that symbolizes royalty, adds that lavish appeal to a bedroom. The great way to do this is to use grey bedroom furniture and add cream and purple fixtures.

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Grey and yellow bedrooms are increasing up the ladder of interior design because of the sophistication and cheerful vibe it gives off. Each color balances the other creating an appealing positive look that any family member would like.
There are more ideas and interior designs revolving around grey schemes. You only need to have that perfect combination of additional colors that would look good with grey.


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