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The most unnoticed but mostly overused room in any home is the laundry room. The functionality of any laundry room should be at looked at fully. Since the laundry room is mostly not on the forefront of any home, it is mostly unnoticed or untended due to the fact your visitors will not be going to that room. Either way, it is good to have some ideas for small laundry rooms to make them function properly while at the same time been beautiful. Below are ideas that ultimately will be beneficial to the homeowners wanting to bring some flair to their laundry rooms.

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Laundry Machine Concealment: You can conceal the washer plus the dryer behind a curtain or tension rod. In this way, you add a bit of color, texture, and some personality to the whole space. Having a sliding door provides some form of character to the laundry room.

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The addition of storage: Storage is one thing that any laundry room needs. Since you have a small room, take advantage of height by having shelves, baskets or bins thereby maximizing on the workspace. Having better storage areas help in you been effective time wise while in that room. Having a small laundry room doesn’t give you the leeway not to be efficient. You get less fatigued while having an efficient room.

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Zones: Creating zones is one of those ideas for small laundry rooms. Have three zones; dirty area, clean area, and work space. Irrespective of size incorporating these three zones into your laundry room makes it more efficient. Consider placing laundry baskets in the dirty area for soiled cloths and at the same time have some room for storage. The clean zone ideally is a place you can place your cloths once they come out of the dryer.

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You can create an area for hanging cloths. Having less walking inside the laundry room makes it more efficient and functional. The workspace zone may include countertop work surfaces, ironing board, cleaning supplies area and much more. You can make your workspace serve other functions other than laundry which will make a multifunctional zone.

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Make your laundry room more functional. You can check interior housing ideas for small laundry room on the web to have in-depth information in making that room more functional.

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