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Leather butterfly chair

The butterfly chair was designed by a group of architects in Buenos Aires in 1938. It is one of the most popular and copied chair designs and has become very popular among a diverse audience.

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Manufacturer of butterfly chairs

It consists of two tubular rods and a piece of leather draped over them, creating a sling and making it a beautiful addition to any space. As a result. the butterfly chair is able to adapt equally both to more formal, office environments and informal, home spaces.

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Since the design of the chair has been copied so much. different varieties are available on the market. However, the black leather butterfly chair and the tobacco leather chair are the two with the most classic appeal. The most awarded and recognized manufacturers of these classic chairs are Big BKF Buenos Aires, Haus and Weinbaum.

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The prices for these brands of chairs can go up to $2,000 but are sure to last a long time as they are made from high quality leather and are made strictly according to the original design.

If you are looking for a more affordable variety or a leather butterfly chair cover to replace an old one there are a variety of brands available. such as Urban Outfitters, which offer more inexpensive options around $200-300.


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