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With all the wonderful option out there in the world, it is no surprise that one gets confused about what to buy, especially when it comes furnishing the kitchen. There is always the never ending debate between cabinet pulls and knobs. But if you are looking to add some sleek style to your cabinets, then forget about boring old regular pulls & knobs and embrace leather cabinet hardware. These come in a range of varieties and give your cabinets a bold and sleek look.

Leather cabinet hardware

Leather and cabinets

The leather cabinet hardware comes in the form of pulls and knobs. In pulls, these come as leather strap pulls and as covers over bar pulls and in knobs, these comes as a cover over knobs and circular or oval knobs.

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Additionally, they also come in the form of pendants that can be used to pull open a draw. Besides as normal straps and covers, leather cabinet hardware are combined with nickel, silver, brass, and chrome polished knobs and pulls: which combines the sleek structure of the metal knobs and pulls and the classy look of the leather material. To give a more edgy look, the leather also comes in various colors like brown, white, and black.

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