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Vamp Up Your Home With These Modern Country Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen plays not only a functional role in your home, but it also gives yo the opportunity to ‘dress-up’ and show off your house. With our guide you should be able to vamp your home with these easy modern country kitchen ideas.

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Indutrual Light Fixtures. Getting industrial light fixtures installed over a kitchen island instantly gives your kitchen a rustic modern look. However, if you want to go as current as possible go for more modern lighting fixtures.

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Statement Kitchen Floor Tiles. Who said your floor tiles can’t add a bit of phizzaz and style to your kitchen? Go for patterned tiles in a bold or demure color that’s to your liking to instantly update your country kitchen.

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Mix It Up. Go for different mixes of materials for your kitchen furniture to add a touch of flair to your country kitchen. For instance, your kitchen island stools could be made of reclaimed wood and you could go for aged zinc for hoods or your countertops.

With these three modern country kitchen ideas you should be able to update and add a touch of style to your kflchen.

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