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Make your shower the star of your bathroom.

Are you considering an upgrade to your bathroom and trying to breathe a new life into it? A modern shower design is without a doubt the best enhancement you can get for your bathroom. Grab bars and barrier-free shower is one of the most popular universal design features that people would be willing to include in a remodeling project. It makes sense considering how most adults are prone to high risk of injury in the bathroom due to all the slipperiness and wetness of the floor. Installing a proper shower will go a long way to keeping you safe and clean. With that said, if you want to make your shower the star of your bathroom, here are some unique modern shower design you should explore play with colors.

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Have you ever felt that a white bathroom just feel a bit too dull and cold? Don’t ever be afraid of bringing colors into your shower — it might lighten up your day. Colorful tiles and finishes, light—infused showerheads or even the faucets can turn a lifeless bathroom into a rich and vibrant facility. Tiles Mixing patterns, adding layers and fusing texture can both improve the grip and lower the slipperiness of your floor while making the bathroom much more vibrant and stylish. Are you tired of the good old plain looking floor and wall tiles of your bathroom?

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Try some of these modern shower designs:

  • Creating a wall with patterns and colors by tiling different colors and texture vertically on the shower wall
  • Play around with stripes and tile layers to give your bathroom a stylish touch
  • Putting printed glass as the backdrop of your shower to make the wall stand outA bench in your shower spa

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Many modern showers feature a range of rain-like shower head to create a spa-like shower space. As a finishing touch, try to dedicate a seating area in your shower — can be a bench or small specialized chairs that complement the spa-like environment. Make sure that your seating is water-resistant to avoid rust and degradation.

What are your personal shower and bathroom design? Share them with us and many others!

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