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The mosaic back splash tiles are absolutely stunning and are a popular decoration in bathrooms, palaces and are now being used in kitchens. Mosaic tile backsplash kitchen ideas  are basically a small stone or tile pieces arranged in a pattern. The most popular mosaic material is glazedceramic. The use of mosaics is widening and is being used in different shaped tiles and modern art.


Square tiles

Here are a few mosaic backsplash ideas. Though only a Grid can be formed using square tiles, plenty of variation can be achieved using different blends of colors, different finishes and different textures. It is also highly customizable. Different shaped tiles can also be considered like hexagons,diamonds or ovals which give the same effect and also look unique.


  • The best pattern suited for mosaic kitchen backsplashes is the ‘Brick pattern’ which can be laid out vertically and horizontally and will definitely make your kitchen look great
    3) Arizona Hot Dots
    4) Arizona
    5) Hakatai
    6) Clayhaus Ceramics
    7) Bedrosians
    8) Modwalls
    9) Bisazza Mosaico
    10) Delconca USA
    All the above brands are equally good.

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