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Most popular paint color for living room

With new colors being introduced into the market yearly, the most popular paint colors for living rooms change too. Interior designers simplify this daunting task of choosing colors by using a color wheel. While the wall color may be the dominant color, the other elements in your living room, for example, the accent colors in furnishings and carpeting, also affect this choice.

The living room is the most multipurpose room in one’s home. It doubles as an entertainment center, a gaming area, a reading area and at times even a sleeping area. The choice of color to be used is dependent on all these different uses while still bringing beauty and charm to your living room space.


Color can change the look and feel of your living room in an instant. Colors are used to bring out your personality and can range from bold shades to tranquil mellow tones. The living room walls are often the largest single surface on which color is applied. The choice, therefore, must be carefully thought through.

Most popular paint colors for your living room include

  • Green: This brings the feeling of outdoors inside. It is calming and comforting and can be used in a variety of shades. Jade Green is a popular choice.
  • Yellow: Sunshine, joy, lively, uplifting are a few descriptions of this color. It warms your living room space and can also be used from a sunny yellow shade to a more muted shade.
  • Neutrals: This includes shades of beige and white. They complement many color schemes and are ‘safe’ colors to use. Mushroom is a good color choice here.
  • Purple: Some shades of purple, for example, Plum, are popular as they are neither too masculine nor too feminine.
  • Orange: This burst of color is energetic and cheerful. It instantly brightens your living room space.
  • Shades of Pink:There are sheds of pink that are not too ovenivhelming to the eye and are gender friendly.
  • Blue: Blue is a universally popular color, as it brings out a cool, refreshing atmosphere.


Color trends change every year. The list above of the most popular paint colors for your living room is only but a starting point when you are renovating or applying color for the first time to your space. Choose a color that complements your personality, is functional according to your living arrangements and is brings out the kind of feeling you desire, be it calming or energetic.

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