What are benefits of having a one room house?: Ideas, Design, Decorating

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One room house has got own benefits in comparison to living in large homes. A one room house provides a cozy and comfortable living. It provides more intimate space and there is no need to spend much on the maintenance costs. Best suited for single owners, couples or students, one room house requires less electricity and less cleaning.


One can also have a custom made one room house. Many families buy more than two one-room houses for each of their members. It allows a family to stuck together while providing each member with privacy and ability to design room according to his needs. Students will find it a really good option because of affordable prices.


Anyone who loves to spend most of their time outside and needs larger garden or open space can also get a one room house. If one is looking for to settle on the temporary basis or prefer to live with fewer objects in his home, then one room houses are suitable too.

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