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Want to Energize the Dining Room? Go Orange!

Want to add new energy, warmth and color to your home? Forget your ordinary wooden or solemn-hued chairs you’ve been using and surround your dinner table with the zest of orange dining chairs.

Orange has long been used in home decor to elicit a feeling of activity and a flair. Hugely popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s, orange is making a comeback from retro styles to popping new designs.


How do you incorporate orange dining chairs into your house’s style?

Think contrast. Orange works well against dark or light colors like mahogany or bright white. Also, a pure orange pattern can be paired with floral designs that incorporate matching bursts or orange, or modern style abstract art-work in orange or complementary colors like turquoise, maroon, dark blue or even greys and blacks.

Orange dining chairs Photo - 2

Accent walls in subtly-matching color are also a great way to complement orange dining chairs in your home. Brick or terra cotta is a nice, earthy color complement, as can be a light sea-foam or even dark brown.

Orange dining chairs Photo - 3

Not ready to whip out your paint bucket and roller? A few simple, well-places objects can also be just the thing to make these chairs fit. If the chairs are a brighter hue of orange, try a vase or sculpture in black, white, or both. With darker-hued orange chairs, try something in bronze, dark teal or other water colors. The green of plants is also a wonderful complement to orange in the dining room, and can give this important space in your house a lovely tropical tone.

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Not completely sure what will go perfectly with these chairs? More minds can generate more creativity, so bring a friend along with you to your favorite furniture or decor store to brainstorm. Also, don’t be afraid to seek a sales associate’s advice in what to pair with your new additions to get just the right look.

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Have fun with this new, upbeat design trick and you’ll have a new level of energy and excitement around breakfast, lunch and dinner in no time!






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