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Carriage house plan are commonly used today in variety of uses. In many years back small carriage house plans included basic living quarters and were built as out building to store horse-drawn carriages. They were sometimes referred as coach houses. Today carriage house plans are more sometimes related to garrage apartments which in most cases designed as deterched garrage with living spaces on the upper level. Today’s lifestyle demands as made the small carriage houses to be modified from there original purpose. They are flexible and designed to accomodate wide range of needs. They are perfect for an addition to current estate or to serve as a temporary house while one is building final carriage houses.

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In britain carriage houses were also called cart shed which were typically open fronted, single storey building with the roof supported by regularly spaced pillers. Today the carriage house plan is given to builder carriage house usually used as a part of the name of the businesses like antique shops and restaurents. This is due to their prestigious nature. Each carriage house plan follows a traditional layout for architectural authenticity.

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Small carriage house plans have a wide variety of architectural styles. They can be one level featuring a garage on one side of the structure and living quarters on the other. Aging relatives who prefer freedom of independent living but needs to be near to their caretakers needs mostly the one storey version while one or two storey garage apartments are well suited for college students who likes a bit of privacy. They can also work well as a source of income when rented to tenants.

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Small carriage house plans make an intresting alternative to a vacation home plan or a cottage house plan and cabin plans due to their small and efficient nature. The carriage house get their name from out buildings of big manors where those who owned them stored their carriage. Modern carriage houses are generally referred to detarched garage design which have a living space above them.




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