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  • The biggest constraint with small country bathrooms is space. Here are a few ideas that will look beautiful and save space:
    1) Mirrored Cabinets:
    A mirror is usually a must in every bathroom, and having some storage space is equally important. Mirrored cabinets save a lot of space, especially in small bathrooms by providing the necessary storage space and also functioning as a mirror. This will also give a good look to the bathroom.
    These can cost anywhere from 110$ to 200$.


  • 2) Wall Hung Toilet:
    A wall hung toilet is fixed to a wall. The biggest advantage of having a wall hung toilet is it does not occupy any floor space and can be installed in a convenient place in the bathroom.
    The wall hung toilets are a bit expensive, ranging from 190$ to 300$.
  • 3) Oval shaped sink:
    An oval shaped sink will look good and also save space compared to a square sink.
    These can cost anywhere between 60$ to 400$ depending on the brand.


  • 4) Glass doors for shower space:
    Instead of using dark curtains which make the bathroom look cramped, glass doors should be opted which will not block any natural light and also make the bathroom look lively.
    5) Ledge above the sink:
    A ledge above the sink will help in storing all the daily essentials like toothpaste, soaps, shampoo etc and will not occupy much of floor space of small cottage bathrooms.


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