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Small country living room come in every shape & sizes, don’t be put off utilizing the old prints in a small room. Be inspired by the rural cottages having small yet superbly shaped rooms and utilize some decorating tricks that will make the country style to work in your living room. The following are some small country living room ideas that you can employ:

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First, make sure there isn’t any squandered space in your compact living room. Fill recesses or the bay windows with in built storage. In case there is no place for the side table alongside your couch, position a thin comfort behind a couch to fill in as a display rack.

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Select seating having legs so that a greater part of your floor may be seen, this is going to make the room seem big. This arrangement suits itself so well to your living room, a number of exemplary style couches and arm-chairs are finished using attractive turned wooden legs.

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Small country living room ideas are about making an inviting atmosphere. Play around with stirring up exemplary pattern, for example, florals & ticking stripes. Wallpapers & fabrics that do feature animals, for example, puppies will easily incorporate country feel. With these small country living room ideas you will be sure to enliven your living room.

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