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The Armless Trend

A sofa without arms does not only make our space look beautiful, it is something a mediocre budget can afford too. Cozy and comfortable, it is also very suitable for someone who demands a table right by the sofa for convenience in writing or maybe for a surface to keep the lamp on. Apart from this, there are a few other benefits that a sofa without arms is capable of bestowing.


An armed sofa undoubtedly can provide us with the comfort we desire, the warmth our souls long for when we are back home after a tiring day, that feeling of homeliness, and many more, but the same is amplified to a much greater extent in case of an armless sofa. The same length is then expanded because of the absence of boundaries at the sides, especially, and more importantly, without any notable compromise to our comfort level.


We can stretch beyond the periphery of the sofa and notice nothing except the fact that we may feel more congenial and easy thereafter. So a sofa without arms not only allows you to spread out your work onto adjoining surfaces or tables and never let you fall short of space, it also prevents small things from going inside the tiny space that we see between the arm of the sofa and the seat, as is the case in an armed sofa. Thus, the perfect fit for a home sweet home.

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