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The interior designs of homes and properties are taking on a whole new level of upgrade by taking the classics to a new contemporary level or Transitional Styles as interior designers call it.

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The main part of the house being styled this way is the living room. Numerous transitional style living rooms caught the attention of many people – making this the reason for many to look for furniture designers that can make their living room styles that way.

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This designer is known for ubiquitous designs ranging from her case pieces to sofas. They are also known for their modern designs and how they want the design of transitional style living room furniture to connect with the aspects of the home owner.

Wormley. This designer was hired by the Dunbar, an American furniture manufacturer, when the depression ended. He took inspiration from the classic and historical designs and simplified them in the process, giving it the modern look it has today.
Hans Wegner. This designer is mostly made popular by his Papa Bear chair. Though he has not been around for many years, his designs had fitted the style of transitional styles living rooms.

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These are only few of the best furniture designers out there. With the escalating market for transitional styles, a rising number of talented interior designers are making their way out there. So keep updated and tuned with the latest house design and style on our website!


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