Twinbeds is a pair of identical beds in a room with one bed only fitting an individual.they are used in guest rooms and childrens bedroom as well as in master bedrooms. There are several twin beds ideas on how to arrange two beds in a room.

Twin beds can share one custom headboard with, or separated by a street, widow or lamp table and a picture frame on the wall. A lamp tables can placed at the center or at opposite sides if there is enough space. These arrangements are ideal for neutral gender twins or same sex adults.

Twin beds together sharing a custom headboard or separate headboards with picture frames, head lights or a piece of art can be mounted on the wall two give a cohesive look. The lamp tables are at the sides or can be replaced with sheIves. This arrangement is suitable for same gender twins or kids and couples.

Another arrangement is the head to head with a single lamp table at the corner or fitting towards the corner with wall brackets mounted on each walls. This arrangement is ideal for mother and toddlers or for sleepovers. The idea is to create extra space in the room.