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The New Generation of Dividers – Less Work, Money and Mess

Although brick and plaster are the two most common materials we use in the construction of walls, many other constructional elements can be used too for all kinds of wall dividers ideas. High-quality wall divider can be made using different types of sliding doors, wooden panels and coverings, or glass bricks.


For such types of wall dividers, the most important thing is a solid construction that will carry the wall. The structure is usually fixed to the ceiling, contiguous wall and/or floor. Sliding walls are the ideal solution in spaces that we occasionally want to use as a unique, and sometimes a separate room.

Discretion of space can be provided with sandblasted, burnishing or painted glass. Between many wall dividers ideas, setting up the wooden partitions is maybe the simplest and requires little preparation. Space can also be divided very effectively with the help of built-in cabinets, shelves, panel or classic curtains, decorative panels or art installations. Such types of wall dividers often save on space and they’re ideal if you want to create interesting angles.


Portable dividers are the most flexible of all wall dividers ideas. These are all types of partitions that can be easily manipulated. It can be folding doors, glass partitions, and movable acoustic walls. Because of its effectiveness, it is often used in public and in private spaces.

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