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Design your bathroom in style: why wall mounted Bathroom Vanities are more popular than ever

In order to keep up with the trends in this dynamic world, most people are probably thinking of refashioning their bathrooms and they really don’t know what to do or where to start. Most issues majority of people want to resolve by remodeling the bathroom include creating more space and add more storage. However, a great solution has been offered by modern state of the art wall mounted vanities.

To understand wall mounted vanities bathroom, explains that they come in different styles and sizes hence helping suit your needs. Additionally, the vanity sizes can be customized in order to fit a given bathroom hence giving maximum convenience to users.


Benefits of wall mounted vanities bathroom: why their popularity? To eliminate doubts about wall mounted vanities bathroom, Outlines many benefits that make them way much better than the outdated sink setup.

Wall mounted vanities give your bathroom a modern look

The world is changing. They way we do things is also changing. Popularly known as floating vanities, wall mounted vanities go a long way in making your bathroom look modern and highly appealing. If your goal is to completely convert your traditional bathroom space instantly into a super-modern one, floating vanities have got you covered. They not only make bathrooms unique but also highly charming with an attractive fresh look.

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Wall mounted vanities make bathrooms look bigger

Having everything above the floor creates a perception of wider space. This makes the bathroom appear less cramped and bigger. Floating vanities that have a similar color to the surrounding walls makes them look like part of the walls orjust an extension to the wall hence creating more space and giving the bathroom a modish look.

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Wall mounted vanities give more storage space to bathrooms

With floating vanities, you can install shelves to store more items since there is plenty of space created. Additionally, most floating vanities have drawers that help in storing more items required in an ideal bathroom. It can be confidently stated that wall mounted vanities bathrooms are the best for anyone who cares about style and elegance.

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