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Wood and stone homes are the new trend

Specially wood that has been the backbone of houses since a long time. Earlier wood and stone were the basic material for building houses. And then the era of development changed things. But yet again we are back to the old style in a renewed way of building wood and stone homes.

Wood and stone homes Photo - 1

Today wood is been used for flooring, walls and furniture. Specially wooden flooring are in trend now. It’s not just because of the texture and appearance, it’s also because of it’s strength and durability. It also gives a natural feeling and adds a neutral tone. Raw textered wood furniture are popular almost everywhere. Wooden walls also add to the natural and neutral tone of homes.

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Stone are basically used for the base of buildings and other kinds of houses. Homes made completely by stones still exist in some countries. They are easy to build as only man force can be used since the basic raw material is stone. The benefits also include the temperature inside the house as it remains cool eliminating the need of electrical appliances for such purpose and protection from rain without the leakage that many of us experience.

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Wood and stone homes are the best if the place is near or inside a jungle or green filled area. It’s also best to built near beaches, rivers, coast, etc. Today there also exist so many different ideas about building these kind of houses creatively.

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